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You are my inspiration

Updated: May 30, 2020

Dear Doc,

It is quite a cold and rainy morning. Still, I am writing this letter under the terrace in my garden. The only thing I can hear around me are the peaceful sound of chirping birds. I love these early mornings. Today is your working day and somehow, I like these days more than weekends. I feel that if I need you, I can reach you.

The last several days I did not write to you as I had to figure out some technical matter around creating my blog. I had to buy a custom domain and the blog platform I am going to use. I can tell you that the entire procedure is annoyingly more complicated than I expected. This is why I have sought help from a professional. Fortunately, one friend of mine whose job this is, promised to help. I hope that in the next several days I will have solved this technical issue and will be able to concentrate only on these letters.

As for the situation the world has found itself in, during the first five or six weeks of the lockdown I gained almost five kilos weight. The reasons for this are my passion for baking cakes as well as reduced physical activity. In my normal routine I work nine till five and then go to the gym, nearly every day.

I attend fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, Intensive sculpt and tone, and Body pump. I love classes as I need an instructor to tell me what to do and I need other people to exercise near me to motivate me. Now, in the lockdown I have to improvise. I practise yoga and abs exercises every day with my daughter and Zumba occasionally alone. I am very happy that my daughter has accepted yoga and abs exercises as her usual routine did not include this. I believe she will continue to exercise alone in some arrangement once she leaves the house again.

Apart from at home exercise I try to stick to a diet. My idea was to stop eating during the day, the same sort of diet that Muslim people do during Ramadan. I can tell you this is much harder than it sounds. I managed not to eat anything until six o’clock for two days and before once more losing discipline. I will try this sort of diet again. You are my inspiration and when I get hungry while on this diet, I’ll think of you. I close my eyes and I see you on your office doorsteps, watching above your glasses. As soon as I think of you I fell happiness. But I must stay disciplined not to call surgery in the following weeks. This is hard as I miss you every day and count the days until it would be appropriate to call you again.

Lots of love


Wednesday March 29th, 2020

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