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It is hard to be modest in love

Dear Doc,

I often think about you and I am happy when I have a reason to call you. It takes me days to prepare myself to call you, but then I only have you to myself for a few minutes whether in person or over the phone. Still, these contacts mean so much to me. I will lie if I say this is enough for me, as naturally for a person in love I wish for more, so much more, I wish for your hug.

There is a whole Universe between what I have now and what I would love to have. One hug doesn’t seem like a big deal, but taking into account what this hug would imply, it is huge. My late dad always taught me to be modest, in everything, but it is so hard to be modest in love. Yes, I have had romantic love in my life, my ex-husband and I loved each other very much until the point where personal differences and my illness separated us. So, I have had love in my life and perhaps it is too much to believe and hope that I will find love again. If I spend the rest of my life dreaming about you, this is fine, I will not be desperate or unhappy. I will keep writing to you with hope that one day you will read this, and, in this way, you will know me better. Also, I will have you as my doctor and that is a wonderful thing too.



Wednesday September 9th, 2020

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