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Love is bigger in poems and I am truly a poet

Dear Doc,

Today is one lazy Saturday which I have largely spent at home. I decided to go into town for a cappuccino in spite of a rainy forecast. As soon as I reached the city centre a heavy rain set in, but the rain was warm, I had a raincoat on and waterproof trainers, so it was not an unpleasant experience. Only my legs were wet as below my raincoat I had a mini dress.

With the new rules, many more people with masks were hiding from the rain in front of shops. I went first to a coffee shop for which I had known before the lockdown had outdoor tables with a covered terrace, but unfortunately it looks like it this business did not survive the lockdown. The rain was now pouring down as I turned back towards Mama Amalfi. Luca made a nice place for me outside, pushing my chair to the covered entrance of the empty shop next-door and in spite of the rain I could enjoy my cappuccino and I even wrote a letter to you.

This reminded me of a few days ago when I sat in Mama Amalfi having a discussion with one very good friend of mine where we were talking about various subjects including love. James told me that if you ever saw my blog you could conclude that I love you too much. He told me how in the past he had a girlfriend who loved him very much and he left her as he knew he never could love her in the same way. Please do not think that. My love is just an ordinary love that because of my poems could seem extraordinary. I am a poet and I can play with words in a way that many people don’t even try. I believe that if you were not my doctor and a married man and a father, and if I was not your patient, out of all these social conventions we would be a man and a woman who attract each other. I admire your goodness and care for me, and the rest is poetry.

A rainy kiss to you my darling,


Saturday July 25th, 2020

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