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Cappuccino in Bury St Edmunds

Dear Doc,

Yesterday I went on a short journey with Sara to a neighbouring town, Bury St Edmunds.

We have only been there once before many years ago for one stand comedian show and did not see much of the town as it was winter, and we were there in the evening. We went there again yesterday to see a new place but also for me to practise driving on a motorway before a long journey to Cardiff tomorrow.

We had a really nice time in Bury that turned out to be a much nicer little city than either of us expected.

It has beautiful gardens and ancient ruins that were a pleasure to walk around. We had cappuccino on the terrace of a nice hotel in the centre of the city and while we were sitting there, I was thinking about you.

I recalled the moment I fell in love with you. At the time, I was very ill, and I arrived at my appointment with you a couple of hours early, after one sleepless night. I was sitting in the main waiting area in your surgery, eating my sandwich when I saw you. A few minutes after I arrived you appeared, and you were so handsome in your brown trousers and white shirt and had the most beautiful smile that a man can have. At the time, I only knew I felt safe and somehow protected when I was near you and the awareness of my deeper feelings for you then came a few weeks later. In the middle of my serious illness I found my light in you and this light still warms me up.

With love


Saturday August 22nd, 2020

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