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Please make it possible

Dear Doc,

After lockdown, in which I had two girls with me, I am now alone. Sara moved to her dad’s place a week ago. As a very little girl Sara had a strong inner feeling and care for people that are important in her life, more than I had at her age. When she was little, she would always put her granddads before friends or any sort of entertainment. Unfortunately, both of her grandmothers passed away before she was born, and she lost grandads when she was still a little girl. Now she cares for her mum and dad and always tries to spread her time and attention between the two of us. As soon as lockdown eased, she informed me that she will spend some time with her dad. I suggested to stay there for three weeks, as her dad was supposed to be alone for that time. I miss her but I am fine without her as we stay in touch every day. Yesterday, my lodger Miriam also left after she spent nearly two years with us. She worked night shifts for a year for one pharmaceutical company even during the lockdown. This was unpleasant and lonely work and I encouraged her to ask for a transfer to day shifts, but when the company refused, Miriam quit her job. In my opinion, she was right to leave as it did not seem as though she was working for a nice company. I am going to miss her although she was an introvert girl and we did not socialise much.

Yesterday, after work I treated myself to a take-away cappuccino from Mama Amalfi. It is always nice to go there and I am looking forward to next Saturday when the shop will re-open. In the pictures below I am with Luca, the owner Pasquale took the photos.

Today I had lunch with one friend of mine after which we went for a walk in the country park. I am happy even though I miss you, every day. I am used to this feeling now and I hope that much time does not pass before I see you again, at least for a few minutes. Please make it possible.

Lots of love,


Saturday June 27th, 2020

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