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My first friend I told about you

Dear Doc,

Today I was at work and in the middle of the day I went to Mama Amalfi with my friend Kevin whom I have known for almost a decade. Years ago, we were in the same group but now we just work in the same Department. I rarely socialise with Kevin out of work but at work we drink coffee together nearly every day. Kevin is a great, intelligent guy that communicates easily with many people but does not let many people come close to him. I don’t know how I got so lucky that he eased the distance between us that he upholds with many people, and how I have had him as a friend for so many years. Our mutual understanding comes naturally, and I feel I have a big, pure human support in him in my everyday life. Sometimes I even think of Kevin as my best girlfriend, as I can tell him almost everything. I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this as I think he reads my blog regularly.

Kevin was the first person to whom I mentioned my feelings for you, a couple of years ago. He understood me well and supported me although with humour and often by teasing me. I was happy I had somebody I could share my feelings with as I could not share them with you.

I hope that one day we will become more than just doctor and patient and we will experience that hug that I have dreamt about for so long. A single thought about this hug and us being physically close to each other makes my heart beat faster and I instantly smile. This smile carries me through each day and all that everyday life brings to us; some days are nicer than others, some days we just need to survive. During the dangerous and harsh time in which we live now this smile is more priceless than ever. I hope that one day I will make you smile too.

Lots of love,


Thursday July 2nd, 2020

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