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Mixed feelings

Dear Doc,

Today everything was in the name of politics. I listened to the PM’s main adviser Dominic Cummings’s, statement to the British public, followed by interrogations by leading British journalists. His statement about his braking of the lockdown rules seemed an attempt at honesty. However, it seems to me he could have handled it better if he had apologised. I don’t know why he did not do this as this probably made the journalists more harsh with him. I have mixed feelings about the entire story; it is nice to see that we live in a country in which there is no untouchables, but we are also all humans and we have been living in unnatural conditions for months. Journalists are like bulldogs in this country and when they smell blood they bite down and do not let go. However, Dominic made a serious mistake and he is suffering because of that, as well as his boss Boris.

It would be nice to watch this unfold with you. I do not know how you see things and what opinions you have. Somehow, I believe we would have a nice time discussing British politics even if we didn’t agree on every details.

I was wondering what your day looked like. When we spoke last week, you told me your kids are bored at home and they think you are lucky to go to work. Young people’s worlds sometimes don’t contain the whole picture and so they do not see how difficult it must be for you to go to work. I would love that you are at home. It would be far less dangerous for you and I would have one less big worry. I would like to tell you how much I would love for you to be with me right now. It is nice and warm in my garden, but it would be perfect if I were also holding your hand. I have some other wishes, but I will not write about them as my daughter proofreads my letters. Your kids will possibly read these letters one day too. At least they would know how much one unknown woman highly values their dad, as a doctor and as a man.

Stay well my love,


Monday 25th 2020

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