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If only I knew I would someday be writing poems to an Englishman.

Dear Doc,

I arrived in our home city a little over twenty years ago. When I first arrived, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of one important Professor, now my friend Ben, who is not only well known in our University, but worldwide. At the time, I chose to come here partly because of the world-famous University but even more because of this exceptional scientist whom I had the chance to meet earlier while my ex-husband worked in his group. This first experience, working in Ben’s group, was the most beautiful working experience in my entire carrier. I worked in a wonderful and truly international environment with healthy competitive people. At the time I suffered slightly as my English was not up to the standards of such a group and caused me some frustrations. At one occasion, at the very beginning I remember I cried on the street because I had trouble understanding my Scottish co-worker earlier that day. My English was so bad because I only started to learn the language very late in life. During my entire education I had studied a different foreign language, German. Towards the end of my undergraduate study one professor told me: “Kristina, for you, the most important thing in the world is to learn English.” So, I started to learn that same day, at the age of 23.

If anyone had told me then, that twenty years later I would be writing poetry in English to a gorgeous Englishman, I would have laughed. I always had a tendency to plan ahead and keep tight control of my life, but life surprised me in so many ways, through so many roads and with so many people that I could not predict.

Stay in my life dear Doc,


Wednesday July 8th, 2020

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