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“If only I had one Doc”

Dear Doc,

The lockdown is coming to an end for many people. Still, thousands get infected every day and I am wondering, who are these people? At one Government briefing this question was asked by a journalist but only once, and the answer was “We do not know”. How do we not know that? It surprises me that nobody has analysed this. It would be tremendously useful to know where we get infected the most; is it at the supermarket, is it in traffic, is it at these corona parties some people are still having? Some young people are for sure relaxed as they count on their mild symptoms and negligible mortality rate. They do not see their actions as gambling with death, their own or somebody else’s.

My lockdown time was nice. I was working from home, my job was secure, and I had my great, responsible and very adult daughter with me. We practised yoga, we cooked, we watched the news together. I know for the majority this has been a very difficult time, and for many a tragic time as well. My close friend lost her partner and I can only imagine the trauma she went through and is still going through.

Now, time for change is coming again. Starting from this Thursday I will work in a kind of hybrid state, half at work and half from home. How it will work in the building without the canteen, without coffee breaks, with no social contacts and with one-way corridors, I cannot imagine. But we all must adapt to this new reality. I will do the best to protect myself and the people around me and will try not to think about the dangers too much.

Thinking about you is the nicest distraction I could have in this increasingly challenging world in which surviving has become an everyday reality. One of my friends wrote to me today “If only I had one Doc”. 😊

Stay safe my love


Wednesday June 17th, 2020

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