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I think you will understand, but will you stay?

Dear Doc,

When I decided to write a blog, I only knew I wanted to write letters to you. My idea was to put in writing what I feel about you, but I also wanted this to be a way for you to get to know me better. The reason I incorporated my anonymous photos is very simple, I wanted to be beautiful to you. At the very beginning of my writing I shared my blog only with my closest friends and my daughter. Even if they were worried for me, they know me well and they supported me. Slowly, I incorporated more friends and the response I received was very warm and comforting. However, there are three very important people in my life to whom I have not yet told about my blog for various reasons.

First of all, you; the more I write to you the stronger is my wish to share my thoughts with you. I believe you will understand, as you always do, the question is will you stay? Second is my caring, intelligent, sensitive brother that is more worried for me than anybody else. He has known about my feelings for you for a long time and wonders how I will cope if I lose you. This is why I told him about my blog so late, only this morning. Surprisingly, he was more supportive than I expected, and his main comment was on the photos, he thinks I should delete photos of myself because he thinks I am recognisable although my face is covered. The last person is my ex-husband, I plan to mention my blog to him today when I go to visit him with our daughter. It will be interesting to see what his reaction will be.

Enjoy your day


Wednesday June 3rd 2020

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