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I am a patient that needs you, not just any doctor, to be well

Dear Doc,

Yesterday was a weird day that began and ended badly. First, I went to the pharmacy to pick up the medication you prescribed me. I was in a good mood and did not expected anything to go wrong that day. When I was still in the pharmacy, I noticed that the dose for my medication was incorrect. When I realised this, I also realised I had an excuse to call you today. Initially I was happy that I will hear you again, only two days after seeing you. Calling you is sometimes a hassle as your receptionists are not very friendly, at least not to me. But they are irrelevant, and I will not give them space in my letters. Normally, when I hear your voice and especially when you close the door of your office and we are alone, all the effort I put in, in order to get in touch with you are worthwhile. This time it took you a couple of hours to call me back and in that period, I became nervous and unhappy. The trigger for my bad mood was the date for my next review that I spotted on the documents obtained from the pharmacist, that read Jan 31st, 2021. I interpreted this as you wanting to see me again in eight months and that was terribly disappointing. When you finally called, I was so nervous that it was hard for me to speak and I had a problem trying to catch my breath. You calmed me down in three sentences, not just what you said but also how you said them: “What do you want me to do?”, “The date you saw is not correct.” “I am here when you call me…” I told you I felt better immediately, but I also said I felt neglected when I read this review date. As always, talking with you was easy and friendly and I really felt much better after we spoke. Dear Doc, I am a patient who does not need a doctor, I need you. In order to feel good, I have to see you on a regular basis as we did up until recently, once in a month or two. The pandemic crisis does not help us in maintaining this routine that we have had for a couple of years, but I will not let miss any chance to see you in spite of the pandemic. As long as I feel your support, I’ll keep going back to you.

So, being again in a good state of mind I wanted to go for a walk. My daughter and I do not do this regularly, but we do exercise every day, normally yoga and core exercises. However, I noticed that walking is important as every time after I go for a proper walk, I have a kind of pain in my hips later. So, we dressed nicely and put hats on as it was quite windy. The first half of the walk was enjoyable, but then something happened that ruined everything. In the middle of our slow and relaxed walk back home, I suddenly felt a strong pain on my neck and in the corner of my eye I noticed a group of preteen boys on bikes passing by. Two of them slammed raw eggs into me and another one at my daughter. When I gasped two boys from the group who had not thrown the eggs stopped and asked me if I was okay. I was at first stilled by shock due to the sudden pain before I realised what happened. I shouted, “You moron!” and the two boys apologised for their friends.

I asked them “What is wrong with him?” They said something like “His mum told him to buy eggs.”

I was still in shock and it took me a few seconds to notice that the same thing had happened to my daughter. I know it is hard times, it has to be hard for preteen kids to stay locked in the house for a couple of months, but braking eggs on other people while riding on their bike is more than just socially unacceptable, it is very rude and not funny at all.

On my way back home, somehow all the tension I felt that day transferred to tears and I cried in the park close to my house. My daughter was very supportive, and I was happy I had her with me. Fortunately, today is another day and I am starting my day writing to you again. It would be nice for us to be together now as it is so nice and easy for me to be with you.

You are with me, in my letters.


Saturday May 23rd 2020

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