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Having you would be marvellous

Dear Doc,

The poem below is the second poem written in the country park close to my home. I am happy I have rediscovered this place as I very much enjoy walking around the lakes. In contrast, the residential area in which I live is a boring place and I never particularly enjoyed walking around the area and the same with running or cycling. When I am in the country park, I do not need anybody with me, although having you would be marvellous. I take my phone to take photos and my tablet for writing, I buy a cappuccino and sit on one of the benches. Writing there is a pleasure.

Lots of love,


Wednesday June 10th, 2020

My fiction

In the nature of the country park

My thoughts are slightly clearer;

Even when everything is cloudy and dark,

In spite of the rain, my senses are deeper.

I found some peaceful spots on the lake.

A walk around has my worries small and distant.

The joys of life are undoubtedly and rarely a mistake,

Some steps may seem wrong, but the journey is persistent.

The time that is passing stops here,

Sometimes even moves in the opposite direction.

A whirlpool of wishes that cannot disappear,

Will reality learn today from my enriched fiction?

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