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Can love ever be boring?

Dear Doc,

The holiday season started recently, and I have a strong wish to go on holiday to my home country. My ex-husband and I have very different ideas about what holidays should look like and ever since I started to travel with my daughter alone, we have had a wonderful time.

Our preferences are islands which are not very touristy so that it is not overcrowded. My daughter is a young woman, but she is happy to spend a quiet holiday with her mum and she has only one request, not to go two times to the same place. She normally spends very different holidays with her dad that include a lot of travelling, adventures, movement and action. She even did skydiving twice, first time at the age of 8 which I did not approve of at the time so they did it secretly. She enjoys these holidays with her dad, but she also appreciates the relaxing time that she spends with me at beautiful small places, very typical for our home country. Normally, our holiday would be two weeks spent swimming during the day and going out in the evenings. As the days are typically very hot, we would take a nap in the middle of the day, after which we would revisit the beach. We both enjoy reading and so books would be our faithful companions on our peaceful holidays.

Unfortunately, this year is different from others for everybody and although I very much wish to have our usual holidays my conscience tells me not to travel. My daughter and my brother are very resolute, and every dilemma I had they erased straight away by saying “Do not travel, it’s safest to stay where you are.” In the situation in which we are now, we can’t be selfish, and we have to think about the people we could put in danger as well as ourselves. So, I believe this summer is going to be mostly working time for me. I am slightly sorry for that but as long as I have my daughter around, I am happy. I also have you and I will keep writing to you as this means a lot to me. Perhaps my letters will be boring as I do not have interesting things going on. But from another perspective, can love ever be boring?

Lots of love,


Friday July 10th, 2020

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