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Wild animals

Dear Doc,

I have recently re-discovered the beauty of a country park near my home. My poem below is inspired by and written in this park.

Wild animals

Wherever you turn your head around,

Instinct for love is deep in your nature.

Wild animals and people seem unequally proud,

The difference counts for a rational creature.

We search for a partner, we find, we lose.

Simple feeling of love we build in complexity.

Life is tough, not everybody has the luxury to choose,

Success and failure become part of our identity.

We are superior, we are different in how we think,

And the awareness that we are who we are.

We learn to suppress and guide each instinct.

We try, we fail and succeed, and sometimes push too far.

The beauty of love is everywhere present,

Between people is often masked and hidden.

Not every true love is counted as decent,

There are few of us who love even when it is forbidden.

Stay safe


Sunday May 31st 2020

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