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The autumn of 2020

A rainy, windy, cold autumn knocks on our door,

The drops are calm, but nothing is as it was before.

Walking through the day is as easy as in life,

The nights are long with so many worries, it is hard, but we stay strong.

What to look forward, how to admire this autumn’s sun?

In its brightness we would normally find serenity and fun.

What the cold winter will bring this year, it is scary to predict,

But we are still here, we live, and there is a lot that we will together achieve.

We have to forget so many little things, more than plenty.

It is hard to see the beauty in the colours of the leaves in the autumn of 2020.

A walk in the park by the river, a pleasure we have left.

Moving forward despite our fears, with dignity we face uncertainty and tears.


Saturday October 3rd, 2020

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