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Love makes it worth it

Dear Doc,

My three-month lockdown is coming to an end. I am supposed to start working in a weeks’ time together with the academics from our Department and their research groups. Our cleaning and technical staff have to prepare the building for opening so they start a few days earlier. Next week I will work for one day to help my technical group. All this time that I worked from home you had to go to work at your surgery and I know your work was much more demanding than normally. I was worried for you and I still am.

There is one important bad thing, unimportant on a large scale, that came out of my lockdown, I gained some weight that I have to lose now. Instead of baking cakes quite often I will try to stick with mozzarella and tomato lunch for a while. I was often tempted to bring you cakes and lunch to the surgery, but I was aware that even during a pandemic that would still remain socially unacceptable.

Love makes it worth it.

Lazy Saturday, one of the last,

Lockdown is coming soon to its end.

We are open for change; we believe, we trust

Worries are far away, some rules we can bend.

Is it too soon or is it just right?

Answers on some questions we get with delay.

Returns are welcome, the future could be bright

Every day we learn what to do and where to stay.

Summer is coming, the sun will shine again

Change is here and within, we will not stay the same.

Our hearts will give us hope that we must sustain,

A poorly world will reflect pain, nobody to blame.

In an era where normality is stretched or lost

There are not many choices, we have to commit,

All of us have something for what we care most.

Life is worth fighting, love makes it worth it.

Sending you hugs,


Saturday June 13th, 2020

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