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Unreachable star

No matter which way I choose to reach this star

Every one would be covered by clouds.

Stars shine bright but above all they remain distant

I can only love from afar; my love is no less significant.

No matter in which way I say I love this song,

I could never play any instrument to make the right sound.

All the music in the world could stop for a moment,

But my love would not change through any movement.

No matter how I choose to walk towards the light,

The trajectory of my star is unknown to me.

Only in a dream do all those gleaming wishes make sense

And on my way, the music is only a little intense.

No matter how I live my life here and now

I choose to stay in the orbit of one extraordinary star.

All my ways could be questioned of finding light in the dark,

But I’ll be happy if my humble candlelight leaves on you any mark.


Monday July 20th, 2020

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