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To Cardiff with love

Dear Doc,

Sara and I arrived in Cardiff two days ago. I did not expect the trip to be so nice due to the slight anxiety I had shortly before we left. My anxiety was related to driving on high-speed motorways, particularly the ring road around London M25. However, once we reached the M25 I was completely focused and relaxed. The journey reminded me of when I drove long distances on continental Europe motorways, particularly long shifts on my favourite German motorways in various weather conditions, sometimes with snow, frost and in the dark. It seems that all this experience from my past life, when I travelled to Croatia by car with my ex-husband came back to me now and made me relaxed and comfortable. I have nice memories of these journeys, but I am not sorry they belong to the past, as that was just another chapter in my life. For the moment I am happy with my current chapter that involves Sara but also you even if only in my mind.

In Cardiff we are staying in Sara’s room, in her student accommodation for the following academic year. It is very nice here and very useful as we are going to prepare everything for Sara to make her comfortable once when she moves here in a months’ time. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the Cardiff Bay, which is a beautiful part of Cardiff with many restaurants and a nice path near the sea.

We enjoyed lunch in one of the pubs, me enjoying my favourite fish and chips and Sara eating sausage and mash. Driving through Cardiff is a bit chaotic, but with Sarah’s help I managed to get us wherever we wanted to go. Today is an IKEA shopping day, as we wish to buy a desk and a proper office chair for Sara. The weather is not very nice today and so we chose to stay indoors.…

With you in my thoughts,


Tuesday August 25th, 2020

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