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In my mind I often recall the way you say “Kristina”

Updated: May 25, 2020


In front of your door I find joy

This is my playground, my happy place

Like a girl that chases a boy

The waiting area becomes my favourite space.

When you speak with others, I listen to your voice

My excitement grows when you are in view

Sitting there for hours would be my optimal choice

If only I had an excuse to stay in this beloved queue.

Minutes passing quickly, soon you call my name

With your smile you make my heart an open arena

I walk towards you and it is never the same

In my mind I often recall the way you say “Kristina”.

You apologise for keeping me waiting

“Let me wait, I really do not mind”

Our few minutes alone, it is not dating

But it counts as love so truly refined.

Dear Doc,

I did not write to you for the whole weekend. But I did think of you and yesterday morning I wrote a poem; “Kristina”. I feel my poems are improving with practise.

Last night PM Boris Johnson announced the “stay alert” phase in the current pandemic situation. It is not entirely clear what this means, and we expect further clarification at today’s briefing. I also expect a letter from the vice-chancellor at my work to give us an idea of how the University plans to adopt to these changes. If I dare to guess what the near future brings, I am quite sure I will not be going to work this week, possibly not this month either.

I am as happy to go back to work as I am to stay home a bit longer. Whatever the University expects from me I am prepared for. I hope that the current easing of restrictions means that it will be easier to see you in person. In a weeks’ time I will have reason to call you as I have to ask you about my medication. I hope to see you although I assume the chances of you being able to invite me for a visit are still quite small. At the least, I would be happy to hear your voice.

Take care



Monday May, 11th 2020

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