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I'll see you my darling

Updated: May 25, 2020

Dear Doc,

Today is about six weeks since we last spoke, and two and half months since we saw each other. Next week I will call surgery and I ask to see you in person. Restrictions for lockdown have been slightly eased and I have this very tiny hope that I will manage to see you. In any case, it is on me to ask, and on you to say yes or no. Last night I wrote a poem, written below, “I’ll see you my darling”. You have no idea how much this writing to you means to me. This works as a sort of valve pressure and fulfils my wish and need to communicate with you on a daily basis. Months will pass before I inform you of my blog and I have to think very carefully about the way in which I will tell you.

This morning I went to my Lab to take some data for one of our researchers. The building was nearly empty; I only saw one person at reception. I phoned my boss to check in and express my sympathy to her as she has to spend each Wednesday morning in this empty building. The centre of our city was empty too. I barely saw a few cars or many people. All these little things we took for granted from ordinary life were painfully absent. I very much miss my coffee shop Mama Amalfi. This is my favourite coffee place in our city and I normally go there nearly every day. I have known the owners for such a long time that I feel they are my friends. I hope they are well and that Mama Amalfi survives this crisis. Our city would not be the same without it. One day, if I am exceptionally lucky, I’ll take you there. We will sit outside; the weather will be bright and warm and you will hold my hand. I can always dream 😊.

I’ll see you my darling

Next week I’ll call you my darling

And if I am lucky, I’ll hear your voice

We will not talk about love or dancing

And calling you Dr X will not be my choice.

One day next week we won’t mention any nights

And it won’t be appropriate to allude on kissing

In your arms I will not wait for daily lights

Love words will not be part of ordinary chatting.

One day next week I’ll try to see you my darling

And if I am lucky you will ask the nicest question

“Do you want to come to see me?” it is not dating

And I will not show I was waiting for your mention.

One day next week I might see you again

Several minutes that are counted as priceless,

Months were passing by, many days of rain

Sun will shine that day in eternal brightness.



Wednesday May 13th 2020

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