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I learnt to appreciate the beauty of the North Sea

Dear Doc,

I spent a magnificent day with Sara at the seaside yesterday, at the cost of Norfolk in Hunstanton. My driving there was more relaxing than I expected and despite the quite heavy traffic we arrived at the beach around noon, after about a 2hr long journey. When we arrived there, I was a bit stressed out as the parking was supposed to be paid with coins, which I did not have, or by an app, on which I am not very familiar.

Fortunately, Sara is an expert in such things, probably the same as many people her age are, and the problem was then solved within several minutes. The view of the sea from the parking hill was wonderful and watching the scenery filled me with a sense of calm.

We walked down to the beach and took a place on the sand, relatively close to the level at which the sea occupied at that time of day. A few hours later the sea started to come in and within 10 minutes the vast sandy area was quickly under water. I have spent much time at the beach, but I never saw the sea move so fast in my home country which is something I am glad I got to experience in my new home country. The water was also surprisingly warm and the only reason we did not swim was that the temperature outside was a bit too low for our standards obtained in the Mediterranean. In spite of the pandemic and many people on the beach, I did not feel worried as the area was so large and everyone was so spaced out, apart from a few moments arriving and leaving the beach we did not have people too close to us.

Both Sara and I truly enjoyed this experience, a comfortable sandy beach with warm water and the outside temperature just right, with a very light wind. I was so happy that I could hardly imagine a more wonderful day, maybe not even with you. However, I would very much wish to share such an experience with you and, who knows, maybe one day I will. Life is full of surprises.

During the day I realised how narrow minded I was twenty years ago when I first arrived at the North Sea. Everything on the beach was so very different from the Mediterranean beaches I was used to, and I did not like any of it: the wind, the colour of the water, the oil platform on the horizon. For a decade I even kept saying that Great Yarmouth was the ugliest place I had ever seen.

It has taken me a long time to recognise a different type of beauty in these beaches and my newfound love for the North Sea has made my life far more enjoyable in this weird but rather great summer we’re having.

With you in my thoughts, with love,


Sunday August 2nd, 2020

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