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Excursion to the heart of East Anglia, Norwich

Dear Doc,

This summer is not easy for me as I am missing proper beach holidays in my home country. In normal years I only missed these trips under very exceptional circumstances as being back home is enormously important to me. Those rare years when I did not visit my home country, I would have the impression that this year of my life was, in a way, not complete. Due to the corona virus crisis this year I will not travel anywhere outside of the UK, but it came to me that I should use this situation to get to know my second country better. So, I made a plan with Sara to have excursions around the UK but only to places that we have to travel by car, in order to avoid public transport.

Last Sunday we made our first excursion to the heart of East Anglia, Norwich. I was a bit tense before the trip as I have not driven anywhere outside of our city for a long time. Some years ago, I drove all by myself 1500 km from my home country to England, but that was long ago. I was worried in advance that I would have a problem with driving through the centre of an unknown city, but it turned out that was not a problem at all, instead I was tense on the high-speed motorway.

When we arrived in Norwich first, we got takeaway coffees and sat on the large steps in front of one beautiful new building in the centre of Norwich. I was in a bright mood and now calm, but Sara, who was very relaxed during the trip, suddenly became tense because there were too many people around.

Sara’s worries were related to the danger of corona virus and she relaxed as soon as we moved away from the crowd. We wanted to visit the castle that is based in the city centre, but we only managed to see the surrounding gardens as the castle and museum were unsurprisingly closed to visitors. On our walk around we noticed a pub with tables outside.

The weather was nice, and we enjoyed our fish and chips on the terrace of this friendly pub.

After lunch we wanted to see the river but the point that we reached was not particularly impressive as the river was surrounded by residential buildings and there was no path to walk alongside it. Soon after, we left Norwich with a plan to come again, but only after visiting some other places that are on our wish list for excursions this summer.

I would very much like to know how you plan to spend your holidays this year. Whatever you decided, to travel abroad or to stay in the UK, I wish you a very beautiful and safe holiday.

Take care,


Monday July 27th, 2020

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