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Dark eyes and white flowers

Dear Doc,

The poem below I wrote just now. This is my work from home day and during the break I can always write to you as you are my constant inspiration.

In my thoughts always,


Dark eyes and white flowers

Darling when I imagine you, I instantly feel warmer

While the signals in my mind turn magnificent.

The world moves to a place where I am calmer

And whatever bothers me becomes insignificant.

With you in my thoughts I hear butterflies

And summer in my soul has rainbow colours.

Through the smile that comes from dark eyes

I see love similar in beauty to white flowers.

If I were luckier than I am now

Your smile would be part of many a sunset.

Every step would be easier, I would know where and how.

Dark eyes and white flowers deep in my mindset.

Tuesday June 30th, 2020

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