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There is one crazy, foolish, unimportant me.

Updated: May 25, 2020

An unimportant me

The time in which we live is unusually weird,

In isolation we must remain alone yet still united.

What the near or distant future brings is unclear

A single visit to the supermarket leaves us excited.

Working from home was cool in the first instance,

In every corner of the planet there was a ghost town.

Love is shown by keeping our distance.

The everyday routine has been turned upside-down.

We had to learn that being good means staying apart.

Masks that cover our face are a new era accessory.

While video chats brought strangers into our home’s heart,

Doctors and nurses are heroes that we will hold in memory.

In this chaos where we have to wait and see

There is one crazy, foolish, unimportant me.

I hope that everyone can deal with whoever they want to be

While I’ll keep loving one caring doctor that happens to be my GP.

Dear Doc,

Yesterday was a busy day at the end of which I was so tiered I did not write to you at all. In the morning I had a meeting with my boss and colleagues via Zoom that lasted for almost two hours. We discussed our current position, working from home and we shared our thoughts about returning to work.

My work is centred around big and highly sophisticated instruments on which we do analysis. My job also involves teaching and giving trainings to other researchers on how to use these instruments. Obviously, I can’t take these instruments home and that is why my work from home is limited. I made it clear to my boss that I am prepared to return any time soon and that I volunteer to work as many hours as necessary. Do not take me wrong, I am happy at home spending time with my daughter. Still, I am looking forward to going back to work in order to regain some sort of normality. It will be nice to dress up in the morning, to do my work in nearly full capacity and meet friends and colleagues from an acceptable social distance. I got the impression that it is unlikely that I will spend 8 hr in the building per day and most likely will work from home at least one day per week. If I’ll be able to choose the day I work from home it will be Tuesday, to have a similar weakly rhythm to you.

After the meeting I took my daughter to her dad’s house. We had a really nice chat in his beautiful garden. The plan was also for me and my daughter to go for a walk but the weather was slightly chilly so we skipped that. When we returned back home we did a yoga session which is always very nice and relaxing. I wrote to my friends informing them that I am writing this blog. Most of them understood and were supportive but not everybody. Writing love letters to a married man is not easy to swallow for a few of them and I can understand that.

In my thoughts always,


Saturday May 16th 2020

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