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The world stopped and stopped for a reason

Dear Doc,

It was great to hear your voice yesterday although I was in physical pain and I needed your help. Please understand one thing, I am always happy to get the opportunity to speak with you, preferably directly or at least over the phone, but I will not always be in a romantic mood when we speak. I do not have a very large threshold for physical pain, and while I suffer, I can be slightly annoying, perhaps even to you. I hope you do not mind too much that I diagnosed myself and told you what to do, which medication to prescribe me etc. I can tell you did not like that but still you were nice and kind as usual, and I am very thankful for that. That does not mean that I do not love you any more or that I am any less delighted to hear your voice.

I have one more working week and then I am taking a week of holidays. August is relatively quiet at work and I decided to spend one week with Sara in her student accommodation in Cardiff. I still miss my Croatia and not going there this summer is finally getting easier to accept. I can see on the news that quarantine has been introduced now for tourists from France, as was previously the case with Spain. Many people are complaining about this short notice Government decision, but was it necessary to travel abroad for holidays this year? The world stopped and stopped for a reason. I have a Spanish co-worker whose mum is in Spain but still did not travel there this summer, my Danish colleague stayed here too. But hundreds of thousands of British people could not stay at home one summer. I can understand that the temptation for living a normal life is big, but please do not complain about quarantine now. Summer Covid-19 may not be as bad as the winter one, but still we must stay alert.

With my thankfulness to you dear Doc,


Saturday August 15th, 2020

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