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The fear in their eyes

Each year autumn is my favourite time of year, but this one is naturally an exception. The time in which we currently live, work and entertain ourselves is different from anything that any of us have experienced during our lifetime. The pandemic is spread widely, the number of infections by Covid-19 increases almost everywhere, whilst at the same time the economy is sinking. I watch the news every day, several times, and I can often see the fear in people’s eyes. Most people interviewed on television are brave and strong as they talk about the problems they are experiencing, but the fear in their eyes stays painfully evident. So, what can we do to help to each other? I live my life day per day and will try to concentrate on my duties. Apart from my job that luckily is not heavily effected by Covid-19 restrictions yet, I will exercise every day and communicate with my friends and family as often as I can using technology that fortunately keeps us close to each other in spite of the physical distance. Sara is in Cardiff living responsibly and I am happy she is delighted with the student life she can receive within the restrictions. I have just heard on the news about three students from Norwich that are facing fines of £10,000 each for organising the party for around 100 people in spite of having Covid-19 symptoms. Sara’s comment was “Idiots”. The youth is not an excuse for such irresponsible behaviour, and I am happy these girls will learn that what they did was very wrong in one rather embarrassing way.

For the moment I can only keep doing my job and listen to the Government’s and my employer’s instructions. We are all uncertain about our future, but little things can bring us joy such as a walk amongst the trees in a park. I wish you all to stay well and to find as many little things that bring you joy as is possible for now.


Credits for photo are to my friend Frank.

Monday, October 12th, 2020

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