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Some days are worse than others

Dear Doc,

Sara is with her dad today, so I met my friend Larysa in town. We had coffee in Mama Amalfi and our chat there was very pleasant. Larysa is my dear friend whom I have known for more than ten years and who was a big support for me at my hardest and darkest times, during my illness. We do not see each other every week but we both know that we are here for each other no matter whether our lives are going well or not.

Our city was relatively empty in comparison with normal times when the city centre is full of tourists this time of year. I do miss normal time as at every corner it is obvious that the new normal comes with limitations that are present everywhere. After coffee we visited John Lewis where everything is very well organised and adapted to the new Corona virus situation. Larysa bought a present for her cousin and I nearly bought one dress. It came to me that there is no point in buying clothes in a situation where our movements are restricted and in a year which will pass without summer holidays, restaurants, theatre, or cinema, and so I gave up on buying. We visited one pretty much empty Art gallery with some fabulous paintings and then unfortunately finished our meeting for the day.

Once I came home my day sadly worsened as I had to deal with some family issues related to my home country. I will try not to think about it and instead, I will think about you. I told you once that you are my sedative. This is the impact that my love for you has on me. I will phone you this week and hopefully I will at least manage to hear your voice.

Lots of love,


Sunday July 12th, 2020

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