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Kevin and Adriana

The past week has been so intense at my job that I have not felt like I was living in lockdown. As you all know Universities have remained open during this lockdown in England and researchers from our Department are working hard. As a head of one core Facility that supports researchers I am also working hard. I am not sorry that I have to work, knowing how many people have lost their jobs or who's jobs are at risk, I appreciate my job is a blessing.

Every day this past week I have had coffee with my friend Kevin which has meant a lot to both of us. We've been through tough times as we both lost an important person in our life, but we managed to make things easier for each other. We usually have coffee at our Department, but today found ourselves in front of Savino’s.

The lovely autumn day was warm and sunny, so colourful at nearby park where we had our coffee. When I met Kevin I was slightly stressed, work related, but this half hour talking with my friend to whom I can say everything, calmed me down and I enjoyed the beauty of the park we were sitting in.

After coming home, cooking and having dinner I sent a message to my neighbour, Adriana, asking if she had something sweet to eat that she could bring me. Adriana arrived for a tea with hands full of Indian sweets. We enjoyed these, for us, slightly different deserts and this was our small way of celebrating the Indian Festival of lights, Diwali.

Now, while I am writing this form of public diary that I share with many of you, my dear friends, I am waiting for my daughter Sara to call. I am expecting her to come home in the middle of December and I am already counting the days until she arrives.


Friday, November 13th, 2020

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