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Is it stupid to go to the gym during a pandemic?

Dear Doc,

I was very tempted to go to the gym this evening. Not only did I dress myself in sporty clothes, I also phoned the gym to ask about my Boxercise class.

I knew that the class was still on, from the gym’s website, but I wanted to know if the exercise had been adapted to the current danger from Covid-19. Normally in this class we use boxing gloves and we exercise in pairs, punching pads that the other person holds. The good news is that the class has transformed so that there is no close contact between people and no boxing gloves, which is all very positive. But still just before going I changed my mind because of the inner question “Is it stupid to go to the gym during a pandemic crisis?” I very much like fitness classes and I miss them, that is why I am so tempted to go, but this evening I stayed home. I would so much like to talk with you about that, what do you think, is it stupid or is it okay to go? If I were more disciplined, I would exercise outdoors by myself, but I am not sure that I will actually do that. I find it easy to convince myself that I can’t be bothered. I just promised to my brother that I will go running, but I do not think I am motivated enough this evening for that. It would help to know what you do; do you exercise? Do you have time and are you motivated for it? I’d also like to know what my friends think.


Thursday September 3rd, 2020

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