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Ikebana etc.

Dear Doc,

I wanted to write letters to you and could not imagine any way in which you would get a chance to read them apart from making them public. For the moment I am not sure if you will ever read them, but it makes me feel good to write these letters to you. Also, the support of my friends means a lot to me. This is not a huge group of people who read my blog, in contrary for now it is rather small, but I am proud to stress the group is representative among five different continents.

Moreover, there are two people without whom I would have difficulties in reaching this point with my blog where I am publishing posts every second day. The first one is my daughter Sara, who proofreads everything I write and to whom I am most grateful. Sara gives me all sorts of advice which I take very seriously in the most appreciative way I can think off.

Second one is my friend Paul whom I have never met in person. Paul is the husband of my University friend Tara and also an IT expert. He navigated me from the beginning in my attempt in creating a new blog. Paul instructed me to buy my personal domain and blogging platform. Initially I wanted to create a blog from scratch but that was less intuitive than I expected, and Paul advised me to choose an existing template that can be edited in the way I wanted. I had several video chats with Paul and thanks to his help I managed to get to the stage in which I just have to think about writing posts and not be bothered with the technical aspects of a blog.

Almost two months after I started to work with Paul on my blog, I texted him:

Me: Paul, out of curiosity, do you read my blog?

Paul: No.

Me: Good. Why does it not interest you? I am just asking as I would like to know if there is anything I should change.

Paul: For the same reason I am not interested in ikebana. Not my cup of tea.

Me: 😊 Now it worries me that my Doc could think the same as you do.

Paul: I do not understand this about a doctor.

Me: What do you not understand? Once I inform him about my blog perhaps he wont be interested in the read.

Paul: I still do not know anything about a doctor. What is his connection with your blog?

Me: All posts, letters and poems I publish are written to my doctor who is my forbidden love.

Paul: I never read anything you wrote on the blog. Ikebana etc.

Me: 😊

Dear Doc, if you one day open my blog and you conclude straight away that my writing is not your cup of tea all will be well, I’ll be disappointed but fine. There is only one thing I strongly hope and wish, and this is please to not disappear from my life.



Monday June 8th 2020

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