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Happy mum of a happy student

Whilst students with corona virus fill daily news all week, as Universities around the UK become the new centre of the corona virus, I am happy that my daughter Sara is happy. Sara is a student in the second year of science at the University of Cardiff. She moved to Cardiff just the day before the Cardiff local lockdown was implemented. She shares her apartment with 5 other students of her age, and they are all very keen to study and live their Uni life in spite of corona virus, within the restrictions. I believe that Universities did the right thing by inviting students to come to their University places even though the majority of education will happen online. I believe that this situation has brought a new reality to the entire world and young people should face it and learn how to deal with all challenges that the new Covid-19 era brings us.

One annoying thing is that we live in different UK countries, with different Covid-19 rules and while Cardiff is in lockdown, I cannot visit her. I hope that such a situation will not last for too long although it is hard to imagine that restrictions will ease significantly in the next 6 months. We have to live day by day, week by week and stay as safe as we can while we live our lives.

I am happy to see and hear Sara is happy and I am sorry for all those parents that find their kids are currently struggling. Isolating for two weeks is a normal occurrence in these abnormal circumstances and I hope that the majority of students in UK Universities can deal with this with respect and discipline.


Wednesday September 30th, 2020

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