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Friendships in Cambridge

When you arrive in Cambridge as a foreigner, life is not always easy. The city attracts many fascinating people from the entire world and meeting them is the most amazing privilege anyone can think of when you live away from your home country.

However, Cambridge is also a transient city as many people come, spend a few years here and then leave. Some people return to their home countries and some just follow their carrier pathway, going somewhere else. This is the reason why it is not easy to have long term friendships, that are so precious in life, in Cambridge.

I arrived here 18 years ago and after all these years I have a very small number of long-time friends, still living here. I do have great friends that I met in Cambridge, currently spread all around the world. For example, my best English friend lives in Oxford and in this crazy pandemic time it is very hard for us to see each other.

One of my close friends James, whom I have known for 18 years now, has gone through some turbulent times in the past few years, the same as I have, but we are still here for each other. Last night I spent a great evening in James’ house celebrating his birthday, together with his partner Irina, our friend Phil and a couple of Irina’s friends. The evening was great, and I returned home after midnight with a happy heart and full of a feeling of fulfilment.

The reason I keep writing this blog is to stay in touch with all my friends and I would like to thank all of you that read my blog for being part of my world, no matter where on the plant you live for the moment. Stay with me, especially now when we can’t travel and can’t see each other in person. Our reality is so stretched and shrunken that we have to find alternative ways of being together.



Saturday, October 24th, 2020

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