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First lockdown weekend in England

Yesterday, I phoned my Doc as I have not been coping well with the death of my friend and I was looking for some sort of comfort from him. This did not happen, he was kind but distant and hearing his voice did not make me feel better, on the contrary afterwards I felt worse. I understand that we live in very difficult and hard times for doctors whilst so many people are dying, so he most likely does not have as much compassion for one person’s low mood. Doc however did suggest I book a video call if it gets worse and that was nice.

This morning I woke up equally low and the start of the day was not promising despite the sunny day outside. I went to see my neighbour for a coffee, and she made me feel slightly better. After that I had to force myself to go for a run and I am very happy I managed to do that. Leaving the house is one positive thing and together with physical activity lifted my mood significantly. I also had one uplifting video call with one of my Croatian friends, full of giggling. Now, when I was feeling better, I decided to go into the city centre for my favourite Savino’s cappuccino and a walk along the river, Cam.

City centre was not empty, and particularly around the Market Square it was lively. I liked that but when I arrived at the King’s parade, I noticed a police car parking nearby. Possibly there were too many people there, so I walked away towards the Cam. It was a lovely walk and two people even surprised me by swimming in the river. It was a sunny day, but one typically cold autumn day and outdoor swimming must have been very challenging. Now I have just heard the news that America has said clearly and loudly “Donald, you are fired”.


Saturday, November 7th, 2020

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