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My friends' support

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Dear Doc,

The time when I am going to return to work is a bit closer and so I am currently making arrangements for when me and my team go back. It looks like in a weeks’ time we will be allowed to work in the building again but the lengths of time we can spend there will be limited. Although I am happy in my house spending time with my daughter, I am also happy to go back and to make the first step in returning to some sort of normality. Writing letters to you has become my routine now that brings me a lot of joy and I will not stop even when the lockdown eases and a new normal takes place. I encouraged my friends to read my letters regularly. Most of them support and understand me and whish me luck with my blog. I would also like to encourage them to leave their comments below each post so that you could see one day what great support I had. However, I hope I will become a proper blogger with time, writing a blog that is interesting to unknown people, not just to my friends. Will that ever happen, I do not know but writing to you makes me happy and so I will continue. I would be even happier if you knew and read my letters, but I can’t risk losing you. That is why this will only happen sometime in the future, but by then I would love to have the credibility of a real blogger.

It would make me happy to discuss politics with you. For example, at yesterday’s Government briefing I was annoyed with the journalists whilst three Government men; Sir Patrick, Chris and finally Boris gained my sympathies. They showed yesterday a huge enthusiasm related to the next phase in which restrictions in England will be eased and presented in detailed steps that will follow in the near future. In contrast, the main thing the angry journalists wanted to discuss was Dominic Cumming’s guilt and punishment. I do understand their anger, but I do not understand how they do not see that Dominic has been punished enough and we all should move on. I know that some of my friends do not agree with me so there is also an opportunity to leave a comment below my letter.

Take care dear Doc and have a great weekend.


Friday May 29th 2020

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