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Age of 53

Dear friends,

Birthday rules are different in Croatia and England. In Croatia the person who celebrates their birthday invites their friends to celebrate. If the celebration is outside in a restaurant or café the celebrant pays everything for everybody there.

In the case that the celebration occurs in the celebrant’s home, again he/she is the

person that prepares everything. In England it is all the opposite, the birthday person is often invited by their friends to go out and while it is your birthday it is customary for your friends to pay everything for you. After experiencing both worlds, I have found that it would be ideal to celebrate your own birthday in England and the birthdays of your friends in Croatia.

Today is my birthday and I am turning 53. It took me years to prepare myself for this age. This is an uncertain age for me as I lost three very important people in my life died at this age, my mum, my mother in law and a friend. I am aware that these three premature deaths were just a coincidence, but I found myself each year calculating how long until I am 53. And now, here I am, turning 53 in the middle of a deathly pandemic. I am not too worried, but somehow part of me can not wait to be 54.


Wednesday September 23rd, 2020

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