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A day at the beach

Dear Doc,

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year with some places in the country reaching temperatures of 36 degrees. I took the day off and drove to the beach with Sara.

This time I chose the coast of Suffolk in an area that we have never been before. My colleague told me the best way to reach Southwold was by the motorway to avoid a shorter but more complicated route, through villages and small roads. The drive there passed pretty smoothly, and we arrived at the beach around noon, after nearly 2 hours of driving. When we arrived, I realised that my plan of taking the day off was shared by “a billion” other people. I thought if we travelled there on a working day the beach would not be as busy as during the weekend, but that was not the case. We struggled to even find a parking place although the parking site was massive. While the beach around the pier, that I very much wanted to see, was beautiful and picturesque, it was difficult to enjoy the place due to the crowds.

Also, in comparison to the Norfolk beaches this beach was divided into many small beaches by large stones making the area even smaller than it originally was.

Soon, we found a place and shortly upon arrival we decided to go for a swim.

The water was surprisingly cold, nothing comparable to the temperatures that we experienced in Hunstanton a week ago. I very much wanted to swim but after only 30 seconds of swimming I couldn’t take the cold anymore and left the sea. In my home country I only swim in the Adriatic Sea if the water is above 23 degrees and the North Sea yesterday was definitely below the threshold I am prepared to tolerate and can enjoy. Sara was braver than me and went into the water twice although she spent considerably shorter time in the water then she usually spends in the warmer seas.

Later, I left Sara on the beach and went into the coffee shop across the road for a cappuccino. The coffee shop had a very nice garden and I enjoyed my cappuccino in the shadows where I could also feel a light breeze. I went there again a while later in the afternoon, this time with Sara. The overcrowded beach became emptier during the early afternoon which was a pleasant surprise. If we knew that in advance, we would have arrived at the beach two hours later.

Although the beach in Southwold, in spite of its undoubtable beauty, is not exactly my cup of tea due to too many people, cold water and deep, soft sand that goes everywhere, I still enjoyed my little one-day holiday. I am glad that I learned a bit more about the beaches in my second country, having discovered new holiday destinations outside of Croatia. A great day ended by coming back home and sleeping in our own beds which both Sara and I were very thankful for.

I know that your holiday finishes this weekend and I hope you had a great holiday too, but I am also happy you will be back home. I do not plan to call you before September, but I like to know that you are around, and that I could reach you if I need you.

With sunny kisses,


Saturday August 8th, 2020

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